Sunday, September 11, 2005

Don't Like the West? There's the Door ...


Copyright 2005 by Miles Gloriosus.

Today's London Times reports that Muslims in Britain are demanding the abolition of Holocaust Day, which the Blair government instituted in 2001 as a memorial to millions of innocents killed by the Nazis in the 1930s-1940s.

According to The Times, "A member of one of the committees, made up of Muslims, said it gave the impression that 'western lives have more value than non-western lives. The very name Holocaust Memorial Day sounds too exclusive to many young Muslims. It sends out the wrong signals: that the lives of one people are to be remembered more than others.'"

Now, to begin with:
  • I'm no fan of Tony Blair, better-known as "George W. Bush's poodle."
  • I opposed the invasion of Iraq and its occupation by the Bush-Cheney-Halliburton administration.
  • Muslims are entitled to their opinions (though if they express their opinions in Muslim countries, they can easily get killed for it).
Those things being said, Britain is a Western country. It is only in Heaven that all lives are valued equally. In Western countries, as the Muslim complainer puts it, "Western lives" are indeed more valued and more to be remembered than non-Western lives. The same thing applies in Arab countries. Get over it.

To value all people equally means to value no people specially, and that's the real point of the exercise: it's less that we must value Arabs or Muslims, but that we must refrain from valuing Britons, Christians, Jews, or Europeans. Promoters of "multiculturalism" employ the same deceptive strategy to the same destructive ends: They seek not to force us to value all cultures, which is impossible, but to forbid us to value our own culture.

In Britain, we remember Boadicia and Thomas More and Shakespeare and Isaac Newton and Henry V and Winston Churchill, not Saladin or Mohammed.

In the West, we remember the lives of Socrates and Jesus and Thomas Aquinas and Charles the Great and Thomas Jefferson and Stonewall Jackson and Mark Twain, not Abd-el-Wahab.

Our Muslim brothers are immigrating to our Western countries as aliens, with no desire or intention to assimilate. They are then demanding that we assimilate to them. That is perfectly consistent with their desire to impose their own barbaric form of culture and their religious law of sharia on the countries that they have invaded -- excuse me, on the countries to which they have immigrated. What is incomprehensible, and indeed a crime, is that Western governments often take the side of Muslims, against their own people and their own civilization.

For Mr Blair, and indeed for the residents and governments of all other Western countries, there is only one appropriate response to Muslim immigrants:

"If you don't like the West, we invite you to return to the Arab paradise from whence you came. God bless, and don't let the door hit you on your way out."


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